Vermont Maple Leaf Candy



How do we make old-fashioned maple sugar candy? We start with the world’s best maple tree sap (from Vermont, naturally) and heat it just past the syrup stage, called the crystalline stage. Once the sap is at the crystalline stage, it’s whipped until it’s light and fluffy, and poured into maple-leaf-shaped molds. Once cool, each candy develops a soft crystalline texture and rich maple flavor that takes you back to Vermont.

  • Satisfy all the maple lovers on your gift list
  • Enjoyed by Vermonters for generations
  • Made with pure Vermont┬ámaple syrup…and that’s it!
  • 40 maple candies per 12 oz. gift box


Maple syrup boiled down to sugar
Made in USA, Vermont
GMO free


Serving size: 5 pieces (42g)
Servings per container: 8
Store in cool dry area
Shelf life: 1 year